Our Competition

We live by the motto,"You are your greatest competition", but that doesn't mean we count out the other players

Placebo Cigarettes and Vaporizers

Placebo cigarettes require users to consciously carry around cigarettes, but do not encourage users the quit the movement behaviour. This can cause the user the relapse because the user is still used to the repetitive motions of placing a cigarette to their mouths. HuffBlock aims to correct this behaviour completely by monitoring the movement of the wrist and hand and providing the user with feedback.

Vaporizers are also bad for the user because a constant flow of chemicals is still being given to the user. In addition, e-cigarette juice must be constantly purchased.HuffBlock is a one time purchase that provides the user with unlimited service.

Innovation That Leaps Ahead

In summary, the HuffBlock with its cutting edge technology considers a fresh novel approach to cessation methods

  • No Usage of Chemicals to curb nicotine addiction. Get clean from the start
  • Monitor movement of smoking habits while providing constant feedback to learn positive life-changing behaviors
  • One-time purchase for unlimited service