Introducing the HuffBlock

Reliable motion tracking for decreasing smoking habits

HuffBlock by ProMotion is a revolutionary smoking cessation technology to come out of a small design team in UCI. Learn More about us and our product throughout the site.


The Need & Market Strategy

The Statistics

Today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that over 18.1% of adults, or 42.1 million people, are consistent smokers. Every day more than 3,200 underage smokers light up for the first time. And, arguably, even worse, estimates suggest that every day 2,100 youth and young adults who smoke occasionally become daily smokers.Learn more about who we help and how we'll do it.


The Competition

While we help challenge yourselves, we also challenge the industry

Why is HuffBlock a better choice than any of the other competitors on the market? Learn more about our competitors that include nicotine patches, placebo cigarettes, and vaporizers.


HuffBlock Coaching Methods

HuffBlock uses all of its skills below to help provide a new alternative to quitting smoke

Live Data Graphing

Peaks of when the user is smoking to help visualize smoking habits.

Social Connectivity

Challenge yourself and inspire others to do the same.

No other chemicals

Just you and your habit in the ring.

Sophisticated Algorithm

Our motion intent is being tested to work with iOS and Android.


Record your progress and see your growth.

Privacy Secure

You choose to either to showcase your victories or celebrate in silence.

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