Next Gen Behavior Therapy

Learn what HuffBlock can do


Huff Block is a wearable device, similar to a watch, that uses a sophisticated algorithm that AUTOMATICALLY monitors how many times you put a cigarette to your mouth throughout the day. This automatic tracking will familiarize itself with your smoking habits and when your peak puff times are. For example, if on one day you take 100 puffs, spread between your coffee and your breaks, and on the next day you take 80, the device will notify you of your progress and encourage you to continue this pattern. Now, this encouragement can come in many forms, maybe an encouraging message, some movie tickets, maybe even some food coupons.

You might be thinking “Gee wiz, can’t I just wear this gizmo less the next day and get my goodies on? It can’t be that smart can it”? That’s pretty sneaky, but Huff Block along with tracking your puffs, also retroactively keeps track of how long you wear the device during the day and compares it to when you usually smoke, to help prevent cheaters. “What if I smoke if weird positions so it thinks I’m not smoking”? That’s pretty clever, but we’ve got that covered. Our development team has made it so the device will pick up on your “new” smoking skills and register that as your smoking pattern, so at first you might be able to trick the device, but it won’t last long. Huff Block is here to help quitters be the winners.

Greater Social Connectivity

If you ever feel like you need a pal to to help you quit, in anyway, motivation, presence, competition, advice, anything, Huff Block allows you to connect with others that are going through the same thing as you. All you have to do is reach out. And if that’s not enough you can always reach out to the ProMotion Hotline through the Huff Block app to help give you that push you need to ash the habit.